Monday, May 4, 2009


For weeks now we have felt that we need a forum where we can discuss our bodily curiosities. 

Swallowing. My dark shame. 
Neither Helen nor Molly (I will celebrate myself in the 3rd person) can swallow silently. We have tried, but there is always a gulp noise. I sometimes think that if I took smaller sips this could be avoided. Helen thinks that there's too much air in her throat. I'm not sure, because even when I take small sips, I make an embarrassing noise. I have never attributed this issue to air, but if that was the cause, I am unsure how to suppress it. 
I know many who do swallow silently. Seasoned swallowers, they are. I think it's a muscular thing. Maybe this isn't as loud as I think it is in my head, but I know that other people have heard it. My roommate says she doesn't hear it. What does she know? Nothing of my dark shame...