Friday, June 25, 2010

i don't have toe knuckles

take out your foot. either foot, both feet- what have you. now curl your toes over like you're making a fist with them. put your finger tips on the part where your toes meet the base of your foot.... now, do you have knuckles there?

i really don't. i'm not the only one. co-blogger helen doesn't have the knuckles, yet co-blogger michael does. what can it mean, what can it mean? what it means to me is that i can't do certain things with my toes like pick things up, or spread my toes apart. i can't control my toes as separate entities. i didn't even realize that i was missing this knuckle until about a year ago, so their absence does not prevent me from celebrating myself.

i have a few hypotheses on the whereabouts of these knuckles. the first is that maybe i do have them, and they're just real real small, making them both useless and impossible to detect. the second is that i'm WAIT i just googled webbed toes and THEY LOOK LIKE MY TOES. you guys, when i realized i was missing the knuckles i thought i might be a little webbed aaaand it turns out, they are:

compare this picture from the wikipedia article on webbed toes...

with this picture of my foot. toe hair is the other way i celebrate myself!!!!

so, turns out, i'm webbed like a young duck.

and u?

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  1. Mine are like the ones on the bottom. The middle three move together, but I can do a lot using either the big toe or the pinky toe as a kind of thumb.